Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fail Art

Blarghh I am having the worst time drawing lately. Totally on a fail streak. I think it's being out of school and not having any motivation. I could make excuses forever but instead of complaining I'll talk about How To Train Your Dragon instead.

Like everybody else in the whole world, I LOVED How To Train Your Dragon. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. I want to go see it again but I'll probably wait until it's in the cheap theater because I'm poor. Anyway, there were so many things I loved about the movie that had nothing to do with the plot or animation or script or acting or anything, especially the character designs. Actually, Hiccup was my favorite designed character of the decade and for the tiniest most insignificant reason.

See it? No? Not yet?

See it now?! Omgeez. That scar. That is so brilliant. I wish I thought of that. There is so much intrigue. It's so appropriate and logical. He lives on a viking island that is attacked by dragons, there are a million and one reasons why he could have that scar. It is so perfect. Nobody will ever understand how brilliant I think that was. I was spasm-ing throughout the entire movie because of it. BRILLIANT.

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