Sunday, November 7, 2010

Math Mining Adventure!

SO this is Math Mining Adventure! This is the new educational game that I am working on in my concept art class. My game, Space Academy, did not get chosen, so I was asked to redraw/ redesign some of these characters in the same style I used to draw Space Academy. So these are my first drawings.
In the game, students us math to a little old miner guy dig through tunnels to discover jewels, creatures and treasure.
The first guy is the miner, the second is the statue, the last is a Drole, Dragon Mole.
So there! That is what I'm working on now.
Part of the assignment was to redraw/redesign the other kids work, which is really awkward. I feel like I'm stepping all over his feet. I really liked his designs so it's really hard to change anything. One thing I did do was turn the statue into a lady. His statue was a skinny guy with a ghost head and arm, so I kind of tried to do that too but I like the the full statue verson of mine a little better than the broken one.

Edit: I just redesigned the statue. :P

PS: While google searching "female greek statue" I found this:
"Now I have a greek statue head. Ho... ho... ho."

Big, Long, Old Art Dump

I was hanging out in bed, when suddenly my long forgotten Photobucket account password exploded into my memory.
After I logged in I discovered all sorts of ancient art goodies that I had forgotten about, including everything I ever did for Kuzuricon.
Now, most of this stuff is only a couple years old but it makes me cringe. The majority of it is from my style shift away from anime so that might help explain how awkward these pics look.

Let's start with Kuzuricon circa 2008:

This is the logo mockup I did for Kcon. I don't normally toot my own horn, but I feel that is pretty slick.

PhotobucketRingo and KuzuRingo CosplayPhotobucketPhotobucket
These are Ringo (the girl) and Kuzu (the wolverine), the first mascots I made. Baw, I still really like these. Even that really awkward last one with the extra long digimon limbs.

This is the second pair of mascots, Erin and Ana. Erin was supposed to be a badass gunslinger and Ana was supposed to be supaa kawaii nya~. Their outfits were supposed to change depending on what area of the site they were used on, like for Erin on the left, her first outfit was for video games, the second was for table tops, the third was for cosplay.

This was the final mascot I made for Kcon, Mae. I still like this drawing even though it's animu up the wazoo. It's so clean. I think it's one of the last drawings I used the pen tool for. 30 different light sources much?

Enough with Kuzuricon, here is the portfolio I made that got me into art school. :B
This is nuts, I've definitely improved at drawing. Maybe all of my loan debt is worth it?
And lol what is a vector? I don't have a lick of patience for that crap anymore. The orange, pink, blue one of the guy in the headband (Nate) won me some district cash prize in high school, whoop whoop.

This was a line of nerdy tee shirts I wanted to sell at Jafax.

I still think this is cute, it's the hair-volution of my "original character" Kumiko, the saddest Japanese girl ever. I still draw her all the time, but I never show anybody.
Proof of hair-volution:
Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
These are from way back when I had Xanga. Every once in a while I find these and then I'm just sad that I don't have my GBA SP anymore.

I guess that is enough old art dumping for me tonight. I love looking at my old drawings. Now I have to remember to never forget my photobucket password.
I'll leave you with this ridiculously anime super flattering Obi-Wan Kenobi/ Me fanart from around 2006:

Same Face

These two drawings have the same exact face.
I started drawing the top one, then I left and came back to it and really hated it- but I still liked the face. Then I took the face and started drawing the bottom one.
Now, I really don't like either all that much, but I still kind of like them, and I thought I'd mix up my style.
So here they are.

Friday, November 5, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon Fanart

Hey woah I drew something! This blog has been so dead but mostly because I've been so dead.
This is Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon. I promised myself that I would draw something tonight just for myself, just for fun, since I have been choking on school work for the past few months.
So Case and I rented HTTYD and I love that movie and so... Astrid.

Concerning school, I have been doing nothing but school work and it's driving me crazy.
I've got family members and high school acquaintances asking me for art and I was dumb enough to say I would do it, but I don't have time and I just want to isolate myself and paint on the walls like Goya.
I just am at my wits end.

I posted earlier about Space Academy, which was a school project in some kind of mini competition and I did not get chosen. I thought it was so fabulous, but I guess you can't win everything.
I was way bummed, but I was promoted to Lead Artist on another kid's project. I guess the judges liked my art but not my game. I guess that's OK because I probably wont be making games when I become a really real artist.
So I will probably be posting pictures of Miners and Mole Monsters and Statues soon.

Also, I have a world of Figure Drawing that I want to post here and DA, but the scanner at Kendall actually is not big enough for the first time ever. :O
So eventually I can rant about that.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh wait I just finished the box.

In spectacular 3-D!

Late night

It's almost 5AM and I'm working on Concept Art stuff. Also I took a break to chat with Carolyn and doodle this.
It started out as Scott Pilgrim fanart so that's why the eyes are monsters.