Sunday, November 7, 2010

Math Mining Adventure!

SO this is Math Mining Adventure! This is the new educational game that I am working on in my concept art class. My game, Space Academy, did not get chosen, so I was asked to redraw/ redesign some of these characters in the same style I used to draw Space Academy. So these are my first drawings.
In the game, students us math to a little old miner guy dig through tunnels to discover jewels, creatures and treasure.
The first guy is the miner, the second is the statue, the last is a Drole, Dragon Mole.
So there! That is what I'm working on now.
Part of the assignment was to redraw/redesign the other kids work, which is really awkward. I feel like I'm stepping all over his feet. I really liked his designs so it's really hard to change anything. One thing I did do was turn the statue into a lady. His statue was a skinny guy with a ghost head and arm, so I kind of tried to do that too but I like the the full statue verson of mine a little better than the broken one.

Edit: I just redesigned the statue. :P

PS: While google searching "female greek statue" I found this:
"Now I have a greek statue head. Ho... ho... ho."

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  1. I really like the designs for the game the Drole is really fun and very cute in that odd sort of way.

    The last picture you added to the blog makes me laugh and smile alot!