Friday, November 5, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon Fanart

Hey woah I drew something! This blog has been so dead but mostly because I've been so dead.
This is Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon. I promised myself that I would draw something tonight just for myself, just for fun, since I have been choking on school work for the past few months.
So Case and I rented HTTYD and I love that movie and so... Astrid.

Concerning school, I have been doing nothing but school work and it's driving me crazy.
I've got family members and high school acquaintances asking me for art and I was dumb enough to say I would do it, but I don't have time and I just want to isolate myself and paint on the walls like Goya.
I just am at my wits end.

I posted earlier about Space Academy, which was a school project in some kind of mini competition and I did not get chosen. I thought it was so fabulous, but I guess you can't win everything.
I was way bummed, but I was promoted to Lead Artist on another kid's project. I guess the judges liked my art but not my game. I guess that's OK because I probably wont be making games when I become a really real artist.
So I will probably be posting pictures of Miners and Mole Monsters and Statues soon.

Also, I have a world of Figure Drawing that I want to post here and DA, but the scanner at Kendall actually is not big enough for the first time ever. :O
So eventually I can rant about that.

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  1. I loved your comment. Also this is great. I love the big big boots.