Saturday, August 14, 2010


So I don't have the internet. It's OK. Well, I jones for it all the time. I just payed like $5 for a crappy Biggby coffee drink so I can use their internet. I guess one of the good things about not having the internet is that I am drawing more often. Above are some observational sketches I did this year. The first one is Case, my boyfriend, while he was sleeping. The top-right is a girl standing around when I went to the screen printing expo in Indianapolis. The bottom-right is my ex-roomie Ginny while she was driving me and Case home from the beach. I like them! If you click on the thumbnail it'll take you to Deviantart.

I think I uploaded this a while ago, but I just recently scanned it. This was an experiment with Prisma Markers. They are the nicest markers on the planet. I really wish I could afford them. Anyway, I did this a while ago and I still really like it so here it is again.

This here is just a mass of sketches that I've done so far this year and more recently since I do not have the internet. The ones I like best are the one of the woman leaning against the wall and the one of the space-mail girl.

Anyway. Pshoooo. I hope that Case and I can get internet in our new place soon. It would really be the bee's knees.

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  1. The Prisma markers look like they did a really nice job!