Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Oooh my lordy loo, I am one stressed-out girl. I have no job, no money, Case and I are moving, I stress-eat so I am gaining weight and then I just stress out about that. Anyway, I've been trying to sell some commissions on Deviantart to make some extra cash. I did a couple pervy that I am kind of embarrassed about, and I can never post them on the internet ever.
Anyway, this picture here is a commission that I am not embarrassed about. Actually, I really like it. It looks kind of anime maybe, the anatomy isn't so hot, the shading is a little cheap, but I just like it.
This is a commission for Daluci from DA, and it's her character Chivy. I never draw guys, so this was a great, challenging time. And I really like it. So. Win win.
Now I just need to sell a bunch more art, stop eating, lose weight, get a job, and have money.

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