Monday, October 4, 2010

I have the internet.

Woah! I finally have the internet again. School has been in session. I have been severely neglecting all of my online responsibilities because of my no-internet, "dark days" period.Anyway, since school started and I haven't had the net, I was under the impression that I was getting a lot of drawing done, but you know what? That just was not the case. So, instead of posting like a million really good drawings here, I can only post some school work- which is what tricked me into thinking I was getting so much drawing done.

I will preface these drawings by telling you a little bit about the project. The point of the class and this project in general is to concept out a kind of children's educational merchandise. We could choose between a software/computer game, an iPad app, a workbook or flashcards. Well, I chose to concept out a computer game, and I have this entire complicated story worked out in my head and all of these complicated high budget ideas that would never get funding from any kind of real company ever. Ideas such as frequent, really high-quality animated cutscenes, witty writing and dialogue, complicated RPG style gameplay and so on and so forth.

Here is my premise: An educational, retro-futuristic, Pokemon-style RPG, presented in an isometric viewpoint with frequent animated cutscenes.

This is a color test I did of my hero and heroine and some of the aliens the would "battle". These colors aren't final, duh, I kind of suck at colors and these are driving me crazy.
From left to right:
Yula, a know-it-all space captain in training.
Cody, an intrepid Kirk-esque space captain in training.
Oli, kind of a bi-polar, flirty, Elmira Fudd type.
Rob, A show-offy, smarmy Prince-type.
Brain, A villainous floating telepathic brain with a coat.
Spider Rabbit, just is
Goopa, a slimy, drippy floating blob who is very concerning and motherly.

Anyway, this is all I've been doing, and I have so much more unfinished art for this project and it is driving me crazy. There is a bunch more info and picutres, and links to the other kids in my class here.


Aside from school, I have also been working way too frequently. Actually, I have class in six hours, yikes, and then I go back to work, and I haven't slept yet, because I've been working on that project I just ranted about.
I guess I'll try now.

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  1. "Elmira Fudd"--that just sounds too amazing. xD